How To Prey On The Master Spoiler

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Understanding the Master Spoiler

The master spoiler is a person who has the ability to ruin a story, joke, or surprise for everyone else. They can do this by giving away the ending, the punchline, or the twist. It’s an annoying habit and one that some people take very seriously. In this article, we’ll cover how to best deal with the master spoiler and how to protect yourself from them.

Acknowledging the Master Spoiler

The first step in dealing with a master spoiler is to acknowledge them. Acknowledge that they are in the room and that they are likely to ruin the surprise for everyone else. This can be done by simply saying something like “Hey, we all know who the master spoiler is here. Let’s not let them ruin the fun.” This sets the tone that you are aware of the issue and that you won’t stand for it.

Setting Ground Rules

Once you’ve acknowledged the master spoiler, the next step is to set some ground rules. These rules should be clear and direct and should be enforced. For example, you may set a rule that no one is allowed to give away the ending of a movie or book until everyone else has had a chance to see or read it. Or, you may set a rule that no one can give away the punchline of a joke until everyone else has had a chance to hear it. Whatever rules you choose, make sure everyone is aware of them and that they are enforced.

Talking to the Master Spoiler

Once the ground rules have been set, it’s important to talk to the master spoiler directly. Explain why what they are doing is wrong and how it ruins the fun for everyone else. Ask them to please refrain from doing it in the future. It’s also important to let them know that if they do not comply, there will be consequences. This may be something like leaving the room or being asked to leave. Whatever the consequences, it’s important to make them clear to the master spoiler.

Having an Alternate Plan

If the master spoiler does not respond positively to your requests, it’s important to have an alternate plan. This may mean setting up a different room for them to watch or read the material in or coming up with a different activity that everyone can do instead. It’s important to make sure that everyone is still able to have a good time despite the master spoiler’s presence.

Getting Support From Others

If the master spoiler continues to be disruptive, it’s important to get support from others. Ask friends and family to help keep the master spoiler in check. This can be done by having them remind the master spoiler of the ground rules or having them intervene if the master spoiler is getting out of hand. Having the support of others can make it easier to deal with the master spoiler.

Being Proactive

The best way to deal with a master spoiler is to be proactive. Before you start watching or reading a movie or book, make sure everyone knows the ground rules. Remind the master spoiler that they need to follow the rules and be respectful. If you do this, it’s much less likely that the master spoiler will ruin the surprise for everyone else.


Dealing with the master spoiler can be difficult but it’s not impossible. By acknowledging the master spoiler, setting ground rules, talking to them, having an alternate plan, getting support from others, and being proactive, you can protect yourself and your friends from the master spoiler. So the next time you’re in a situation with a master spoiler, remember these tips and you’ll be able to handle the situation with ease.

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