How To Evolve Marill In 2023

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What is Marill?

Marill is a water-type Pokémon from the popular Pokémon franchise. It was first introduced to the world in the Generation II games, Gold and Silver. It is a small, blue mouse-like creature with a large, white belly-like bubble on its head. Marill is known as the “Aqua Mouse Pokémon,” and its name comes from the combination of the words “maru”, meaning “round,” and “rille”, meaning “stream.”

Marill is a cute, friendly Pokémon, and it’s easy to see why it quickly became a fan-favorite. It loves to play, and can often be seen frolicking in rivers and lakes. It’s also very social, and loves to be around people, though it can be shy at times.

How to Evolve Marill?

Marill evolves into Azumarill starting at level 18. This evolution is a bit different from other Pokémon evolutions, as it requires the use of an evolutionary stone. Marill can be evolved into Azumarill by using a Water Stone. Once it is evolved, it will gain new moves and abilities, and its stats will be slightly higher.

In addition to the Water Stone, there is also a special item called the Sea Incense. This item can be used to further boost Marill’s evolution into Azumarill. Sea Incense has to be used at the same time as the Water Stone to activate its effect. When used, the Sea Incense will increase the stats of Azumarill, making it stronger than it would be without the incense.

Tips and Strategies for Evolving Marill

The first thing to consider when trying to evolve Marill is its level. Marill will only evolve into Azumarill when it reaches level 18, so it is important to make sure Marill is at least that level before attempting to evolve it. Additionally, Marill will evolve faster if it levels up in battle, as opposed to just gaining experience from other sources.

In addition to level, it is also important to consider the moves that Marill knows. Marill can learn a variety of water-type moves, and it is important to make sure it knows at least one that is strong enough to take down its opponents. Having a strong water-type move will make it easier for Marill to take down its opponents, which will in turn make it easier to level up.

Benefits of Evolving Marill

Once Marill evolves into Azumarill, it will gain access to a variety of new moves and abilities. Azumarill can learn powerful water-type moves such as Hydro Pump and Aqua Tail, as well as other useful moves such as Protect, Toxic, and Aqua Ring. Additionally, Azumarill will gain an increase in its stats, making it a much stronger Pokémon.

Azumarill also gains access to a variety of new abilities. Its most notable ability is the Huge Power ability, which doubles its attack stat. It also has the Sap Sipper ability, which gives it immunity to Grass-type moves. Finally, it has the Swift Swim ability, which doubles its speed in rain.


Evolving Marill into Azumarill is a great way to make it a stronger Pokémon. Not only will it gain access to new moves and abilities, but its stats will also be increased. With the right level and moveset, Marill can become a powerful force in battle, and a valuable addition to any team.

Although evolving Marill can be a bit tricky, with the right preparation and planning it can be done relatively easily. With the right moveset and the right use of items, Marill can be quickly and easily evolved into Azumarill. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, Marill can quickly become a powerful and valuable member of any team.

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