How To Attract Immigrants To Your Dwarf Fortress In 2023

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What is Dwarf Fortress?

Dwarf Fortress is a freeware construction and management simulation game set in a procedurally generated fantasy world. Players can build and manage a settlement of dwarves, building fortifications, gathering resources and engaging in a range of activities from agriculture to combat. The game has been in development since 2006 and is still under active development.

Why Should You Attract Immigrants?

Attracting immigrants to your Dwarf Fortress has many benefits. The most obvious one is the influx of fresh dwarves and the skills they bring with them. The new arrivals can help with a variety of tasks, from gathering resources to constructing fortifications. In addition, they can help with defense and provide a boost of morale to your settlement. Finally, they can bring with them new ideas and technologies that can help improve your fortress.

Tips for Attracting Immigrants

The most important factor in attracting immigrants is to make your fortress appealing to them. This means providing them with a safe and comfortable environment. Make sure your fortress is well-defended and that you have plenty of resources available to sustain your population. You should also have a decent amount of food and drink available so that your new arrivals will feel welcome and have an easier time settling in.

Build an Immigration Center

One of the best ways to attract immigrants is to build an immigration center. This is a designated area where immigrants can gather and be processed before being allowed to enter the fortress. Immigration centers are usually set up near the entrance, and can be equipped with beds, food, and other amenities to make the transition smoother for new arrivals.

Advertising your fortress is another great way to attract immigrants. You can do this by creating a website or posting ads in local towns and cities. Be sure to include all the information about your fortress, such as what resources you have available, what kind of defenses you have, and any other important information that might attract potential immigrants.

Encourage Trade

Encouraging trade is another way to attract immigrants. Offering attractive trade deals can entice potential immigrants to come to your fortress. You can set up a trade post in your fortress where people can come to buy and sell goods. This will not only bring in potential immigrants, but also generate income for your fortress.

Create Special Events

Creating special events can also be an effective way to attract immigrants. Events such as festivals, competitions, and even tournaments can bring people from far and wide to your fortress. These events can be used to showcase the skills and resources of your fortress, and can be a great way to generate interest from potential immigrants.

Offer Incentives

Offering incentives is another great way to attract immigrants. You can offer discounts on goods, free items, or even special privileges for those who settle in your fortress. These incentives can be a great way to draw potential immigrants to your fortress, and can help you retain them once they have settled in.

Make Your Fortress Inviting

Making your fortress inviting is another key factor when trying to attract immigrants. Build a pleasant environment with plenty of amenities and make sure it is well-maintained. You should also make sure there are plenty of activities and recreation options available so that potential immigrants have something to do when they arrive.

Offer Work Opportunities

Offering work opportunities is a great way to attract immigrants. You can offer a variety of jobs, from resource gathering to construction and even defense. By providing a steady source of income, you can make it easier for potential immigrants to settle in your fortress and make it their home.

Maintain Good Relations

Maintaining good relations with other settlements is another key factor when it comes to attracting immigrants. If you can make your fortress a desirable destination, other settlements may send their citizens to your fortress in search of a better life. Establishing good relations with other settlements can also provide a steady influx of potential immigrants.


Attracting immigrants to your Dwarf Fortress is an important part of keeping your settlement thriving. By following the tips outlined above, you can make your fortress an attractive destination that will draw in potential immigrants. With the right strategies and tactics, you can make your fortress a bustling hub of activity and keep your population growing.

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